Tips and tricks to build social media engagement

Engagement is *the* buzzword right now. 

It’s key to growing your online presence. 

But what does it actually mean? 

Your social media engagement isn’t just about followers or vanity metrics. 

It’s about starting conversations, building your brand and establishing an engaged audience. With the kind of followers that share your posts, answer your polls and buy what you’re selling. 

But for those of you new to social media – we know it can feel overwhelming. 

So, we’re here to help. Because it’s what we do best. 

We’ve got tips and tricks to help you build social media engagement for your biz (plus an exclusive Ziggy G freebie you don’t want to miss). 

Take note. Class is in session.

Meet your new BFF, the content planner 

You already know how we feel about planning your content strategy. 

It’s a MUST.

But look, we know that you’re strapped for time – so we’ve done the hard work for you. 

Don’t wing it. Don’t DIY. Download our content marketing planner instead, and get your social strategy back on track.

It’s free. It’s simple. And it’s going to make your life SO much easier. We promise. 

Share valuable, on-brand content

You’ve got your content marketing planner in hand – and it’s posting time.

So, what are you going to share?

You can be personal. You can get political. But ask yourself whether you’re posting with purpose. Will this stop the scroll?

Stick to content that entertains, educates or converts and make sure it feels on-brand. 

And while you’re at it? Make it eye-catching. 

Sharing is caring – get your content across all platforms

Business on TikTok? Share your content on Instagram reels.

Sharing a product on Facebook? Plug it on your Instagram story.

Make sure you’re using all avenues of digital media to promote yourself. The internet moves fast – and this gives your content the greatest chance of being seen. 

And more eyes on your content = more chances for engagement. Simple.

Get your audience involved

Are you guilty of posting and ghosting?

You’ve got an exciting biz update to share. You painstakingly craft your content in Canva.

*Cut to two hours later*

By the time you get to Instagram, you hit post, then vanish into the void for another three weeks. 

Newsflash. That’s not how you build an engaged audience. It’s called social media for a reason. So, get out there and be social.

Post polls, ask questions, and give people a call to action. Tell accounts you follow that you enjoy their content. Share posts from others that are relevant to your biz.

Let your audience know that you value their input. And you’d love more of it. 

Get familiar with your social media metrics

When was the last time you checked your social media metrics?

They give you valuable insights about your audience and the best way you can reach them. 

Before you hit share, check out the time your audience is most active, and be sure to schedule posting for then instead. 

Take note of any content you’ve received high levels of engagement on in the past. You can use its success to shape your future content strategy. 

Just a few small changes can spell big growth when it comes to your engagement. So – get strategic. 

Consistency is key

There’s no two ways about it. Building your social media engagement can be a slow process. 

It takes dedication, commitment and… time. 

But with a plan of action, you’ve got a solid foundation to build upon. 

Keep engaging, keep listening to your audience and stay consistent with your efforts. 

You’ve got this.

No time to build your social media engagement? 

Maybe it’s time to outsource for your biz.

We help businesses take the stress out of social media – and we can do the same for you. 

Whether it’s custom content creation, or a full social media management package; we promise to simplify your socials (and build your engagement while we’re at it). 

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